We have introduced two new ways to conduct research into the work of the mandate.

First, on this site, you can now search all freedom of expression communications that have been sent to governments since late 2010. These are the same communications that have been reported to the Human Rights Council each year, but now they can be searched in bulk rather than going report-by-report to find something of interest. The search tool is right here.

Second, OHCHR has collected all of the mandate’s comments on legislation from the past several years. This has become one of the most important ways in which we can identify for governments and legislators the freedom of expression concerns in pending legislation or in law, where we have concerns about application. Moving forward, we will be making our comments on legislation available as soon as we provide those comments to governments. You can find that page here.

Check these out and let us know if you have any questions or problems conducting your research.

New Research Tools