Report on Country Visit to Japan: Findings and Recommendations 

The Special Rapporteur undertook an official visit to Japan from 12 to 19 April 2016. Japan has available to its Government the tools in law, especially its Constitution, to respect and ensure respect for freedom of opinion and expression. Japan’s commitment to freedom on the internet, for instance, illuminates how Japanese law and institutions can work together to prevent censorship and promote broad access to information. However, based on information collected and a wide range of discussions with government officials and civil society stakeholders during his visit, the Special Rapporteur strongly urges the Government to take steps to strengthen freedom of expression even beyond the digital environment. In particular, this report highlights recommended measures that would enable the Government to promote media independence and access to information, both under a variety of threats as described in this report, and to adopt other specific measures to improve the climate for freedom of expression in the country. 

Response of the Government of Japan 

The government’s response to the report is below. 

Other Materials 

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